How do I start selling?

Follow these easy steps to sell on SENIIKU Market, take a look at our useful tables and read some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. Set up your creative shop
  2. Upload product creations
  3. Add your shipping rates
  4. Promote your creations
  5. Receive order & payment
  6. Frequently asked questions

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Set up your creative shop

Please follow these steps:

► Watch the video tutorial below


  1. Register for free
    Login or register a free creator account (click "Become a creator") before setting up your online creative shop
  2. Complete registration form
    Add your name, email, work sample, and answer to few simple questions.
  3. Wait for approval
    Our admin will check your profile, work sample and send you an update. While waiting you can also add shop details.
  4. Complete shop details
    Login and add shop details such shop name, description, and upload best images for banner, logo and profile picture.
  5. Add shipping information
    Add your correct store address and postal code. Find out whether your country is eligible for printing & shipping support.
  6. Your shop is open!
    Continue to upload your products, promote them and manage your transactions.

Next step - upload product creations

Upload product creations

Please follow these steps:

► Watch - upload normal products

► Watch - upload digital products - click here


  1. Add your product
    Once you login, find the "Add Product" button inside your seller dashboard 
  2. Upload product photos
    Upload best images for your product creations photos. Each photo should be a min. of 1024x1024 in dimension.
  3. Complete product details
    Choose product (digital*/normal) then add name, description, type, tags, and policy (if any). See list of product type & tags.  (it's very important to tag your product correctly)
    *digital means product with no shipping required, downloadable products.
  4. Complete shipping details (normal product only)
    Check/uncheck 'REQUIRES SHIPPING' check box, enter product weight in kg i.e. if it's 200 grams, you enter 0.2 kg
  5. Assign product collections
    Select up to 3 product collections associated with your creations. This allows your product to be found on our marketplace.
  6. Add pricing details
    Do market research on similar products, add reasonable pricing. Read our pricing guide too.
  7. Complete additional details
    • (Normal product) - add variant details including your product weight and inventory details such as no. of stocks
    • (Digital product) - upload your digital file and access information, also your inventory details such as no. of stocks.
  8. Save changes
    Save all the changes you've made. Admin will review and send you an update by email.

Next step - add your shipping rates

Add your shipping rates

These steps are applicable if you sell normal products (non-digital):

► Watch how to add rates below


  1. Enable/disable shipping methods
    Once you login, go to shipping configuration enable/disable shipping methods.
  2. Add shipping ranges
    Add up to 8 shipping ranges for a shipping method, based on price or weight.
  3. Select desired shipping countries
    Select your countries and enable/disable the states (as applicable)
  4. Add shipping rates
    Set different shipping rates for the respective countries and/or states.
  5. Enable shipping for products
    Update shipping details with the shipping method and enable shipping for each product variant.
  6. Save changes
    Save all your changes, and you’re ready to sell and promote your shop.

Next step - promote your creations

Promote your creations

See our suggestions below:

  1. Insert keywords
    Insert correct keywords, product types/tags, interesting product descriptions and other details to improve your chance getting found online.
  2. Share to social media
    Share your profile and product links to your social media. Provide reviews, testimonials and more photos to get more engagements and shares.
  3. Promote to blog sites
    Provide in-depth review about your creations on blog sites, or engage bloggers to write about your products online. 
  4. Provide promo
    Everyone likes promotional items, especially when it coincides with festive season (i.e. New year's discounts)
  5. Provide free shipping
    Customer will shop around different online shops for better deals. Providing free shipping will give you an advantage for better sales.

Next step - receive order & payment

Receive order &  payment

What happens after a buyer purchases your product?

  1. Receive order notifications
    • You'd receive an email notification about the order. Login to your account and find the order and customer details.
    • Once payment made by your buyer, receive another email notification.
  2. Package your order
    Applicable for normal product, package it securely and safely. See packaging guideline. Provide Certificate of Authenticity - as applicable
  3. Contact local courier service
    Deliver your package using credible courier services. See list of courier services (both for local and international)
  4. Update fulfilment details
    Once you get your delivery date and tracking number (recommended), update those details for your order. Buyer will get an update.
  5. Receive payment
    • Once the buyer receives your package successfully, you'd receive the payment (less commission) by end of the month.
    • Payment to seller is made via online transfer/bank transfer.


Do you need more info?

Below are some additional information that is useful for your seller journey in terms of managing your shop and transactions.

CREATOR SERVICES - for shop setup, printing and shipping support - these are currently provided to new creators, last until further notice.

Normal Digital1
Shop Set Up Support2 Singapore, Indonesia Singapore, Indonesia
Printing Support3 - Not applicable -
Shipping Support4 Indonesia
- Not applicable -

This is effective as of 14 August 2019

1. digital means product with no shipping required, downloadable products. 
2. shop set up support are currently applicable for 2 countries - Singapore & Indonesia. However, creators from other countries in Asia can still do self set up.
3. we help new creators to get printing quote and arrange for printing.
4. we help new creators to add shipping rates for their online shop. Creators still require to send their products to the shipping agent / outlet.

PRODUCT TYPES - choose 1 from the selections in the table below

Stationery Product Type Stationery, Books & Magazines
Fine Arts Product Types Drawing, Fluid Art, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Tapestry, Watercolor
Design Product Types Figurine, Beauty, Crafts, Fashion, Homeware, Kitchenware, Lifestyle, Baby & Kids, Freelancers
Printed Product Types Art Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Limited Print, T-shirt Prints
Digital Publication Product Types Digital Book (eBook), Digital Magazine (eMagazine), Digital Catalogue (eCatalogue), Digital Tutorial Video

This is effective as of 28 April 2020


PRODUCT TAGS (or also know as labels) - it is important to select the correct tags, we have provided tags as per the followings:

Country Tags

(Choose 1 only - country of your origin, where you're from)

Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, International (for non-Asian countries)

Movement Tags* Contemporary, Minimalist, Modern, Photorealism, Pop Art, Surrealism, Unspecified
Subject Tags* Animal, Architecture, Celebrity, Creations, Fashion, Interior, Landscape, Nature, Nude, People, Portrait, Sports, Still, Technology, Water
Color Tags Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Multi-Color
Seller Tags

(Choose 1 only - this is who you are)

Creator, Gallery, Business, Non-Profit*, School

Price Tags $0-$99, $100-$199, $200-$299, $300-$399, $400-$499, $500 And Above

This is effective as of 18 May

*Additional information about selected tags:

  • Movement Tags - these are labels about specific styles in art, mostly associated with painting / photography. To learn more about different types of art movements - click here
  • Subject Tags - these are labels associated with characteristics of your creative works;
    • Creations - works that depicts religious and spiritual experience. For example, a person praying and a bright light shining on their face, creation of the world, gods of different religions shown, flower blooming process and so on.
    • Nude - naked human form / body anatomy. It can be shown in an abstract form, line form, silhouette form, realistic form, and so on.
    • Nature - everything that is natural around us. Can be the sun, animals, gardens, forest, seascapes, landscapes.
    • Landscape - associated with scenery such as rivers, mountains, beaches, plantations, city views, countryside farm and so on.
    • Portrait - mostly front-view pictures of people
    • Still - everything that is not moving or in motion. There are bowl of fruits, plates of fruits, kitchen tools, anything that you normally find at your own home.