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If you are in need to promote your creative works or sell online artworks, you can join us as a creator on our art creator marketplace. You can register for free.

We are passionate to support the local art scenes as well as support our artists through our platform. Also, check out some of the awesome feedback and news feature we've received, thank you!

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Peace unto you! We believe that art and design matter to the world for the greater good. When you join SENIIKU Market, you become a part of something bigger, as we aim to connect artists, art communities and art for humanity.

Our product categories for you

Fine Arts Products Drawing, Fluid Art, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Tapestry, Watercolor
Design Products Figurine, Beauty, Crafts, Fashion, Homeware, Kitchenware, Lifestyle, Stationery, Baby & Kids
Printed Products Art Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Limited Print


Your art belongs to you

Your artwork, design, and content created by you to showcase / sell on SENIIKU Market - always belongs to you. The copyright in each product shall remain the property of the Artist. Read Artist Terms and Condition.

Our offerings for creators

  1. Free listing, free to join, no upfront fees.
  2. Free space for portfolio/website/online shop
  3. Security features on your image to prevent theft.
  4. Commission and admin fee on sold artwork only.
  5. Opportunities of artist feature on our social media, blogs and more.
  6. Special invite for collaborations, affiliate partnership, and more
  7. Get the special updates on local events and programs
  8. Support on marketing and promotion online.

    Our simple commissions

    There is no joining/upfront fee charged to creators (artists). SENIIKU Market charges a flat commission rate for all transactions done using our marketplace platform. The rates are following the product types:

    Additional info for new marketplace seller (artist/designer/gallery):


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    ( UPDATED 16 AUGUST 2019 )

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