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"Fighting COVID-19: Support from + for Artists"

Arts Republic Singapore Features Seniiku Supporting Artist During COVID-19

We're experiencing an unprecedented global crisis, probably the biggest of our time. As I sit at home, sinking into thoughts of existentialism, pondering on the state of the arts and the purpose of our work, I seek comfort in discovering all the support everyone has been offering. From the financial aid by the government to self-organised support groups on Facebook, from free online access to performance archives of arts companies to live videos by independent artists on Facebook and Instagram, almost every level of the community has been churning out ways to optimise the bandwidth of support to get us through this difficult time.

❤ Seniiku An online marketplace for art, wearables and craft.

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"Seniiku wants to help you sell art"

During this pandemic crisis, many people are either getting temporary jobs or may have lost their jobs and are looking for some source of extra income to survive and sustain themselves from what yet to come. Well, we are here to help you!

We are a marketplace for art, wearables, and craft-based in Singapore. We want to accommodate artists, designers, and crafters like you who are in Southeast Asia to be able to use and share their artwork to earn a sustainable living substantially, especially during this pandemic time. Therefore, we are always on a lookout for local brands with aesthetic values ​​sought by our audience.

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"Brands doing eCommerce differently in Southeast Asia"

Brands of ecommerce in Southeast Asia | SENIIKU Market

In the arts and maker’s space, there is SENIIKU. This eCommerce platform is tapping into the creator space, as this Singapore eCommerce brand is hoping to provide a platform for creators in Southeast Asia to gain an audience and monetise their talent. Started in August 2019, the platform was looking to be a creative marketplace for art, wearables and craft-based in Singapore.

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"This online marketplace aims to quash the stigma that art is an underpaid job"

Seniiku helping people earn money - no longer underpaid job - art industry

Founded in May 2018, Seniiku targets independent creators and creative small businesses such as jewellers, craftsmen, fashionista, illustrators and painters to set up a page and sell their creations.

Seniiku aims to help artists tackling the multiple processes they need to be able to sell their works. It offers to take care of the production of non-digital arts and delivery. The idea is to save production time for artists by providing an all-in-one service, allowing them to just focus on making creative works, instead of having to source multiple platforms or services in order to develop their products in time for sale.

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