Seniiku is a creative online marketplace for Southeast Asian creators (or 'creative sellers'). Here, we want to enable creators to earn sustainable living by providing them digital tools to showcase, sell and promote their branding, products as well as services. We hope to create a positive ecosystem and support the local creative industry where our creators are based in.  

Seniiku is built by a creative designer, for creative individuals and businesses such as visual designers, crafters, digital creators and art entrepreneurs. As long as one can imagine and dream, Seniiku can exist.

How we started

Seniiku was conceptualised by our founder, who happens to be a hopeless fanatic for anything art/design related. We started in May 2018 as an online art gallery to support fine art painters to showcase their work. Around August 2019, we decided to build an online creative marketplace which provides holistic creative solutions, because of the feedback we received from many artists, designers, as well as our interns.

The meaning of Seniiku

We can break down the word Seniiku into 2 - Seni and Aku -

Seni means "Olaseni” means “Being wealthy is possible" and is of Yoruba origin | Seni is also derived from Sanskrit language, and it was originally called “Cilpa”, which means “colorful” | Seni in Bahasa Indonesia means “art”, ”craft”, ”creative work”, and the like | Aku in Bahasa Indonesia means “me”, “myself”, “I” | Seniiku in some European language means “antique”, “history”, “high valued item”.

So, overall Seniiku means trusting the process of art creation, believing the concept behind the honest development of an artwork, a homage to humanity and an ability to bring creative communities together.

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