Singaporean Designers Create Meaningful Local Spaces |

As people and society change, these designers believe that the design and experience of spaces where you interact or live also change, and we need to adapt accordingly.

These designers and architects are using the design as a way to engage the local communities and help shape the local environment.

This non-profit design organisation called Participate in Design comprises of a team of architecturally-trained designers aims to help neighbourhoods and public institutions design community-owned spaces and solutions.

They believe that every one has something positive to contribute to the society through the design process. As you interact and collaborate through their design process, you are actually supporting the cause to improves one’s lives.

Video Credit: Channel News Asia 

Story Owner: P!D Participate in Design

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Many creative workers, local craftsmen and art teachers are affected by COVID-19 where they lost their jobs, had their service agreements terminated, or had their income drastically decreased.

There is still a lot of stigma about the art-related profession and the general view of artistic endeavors as impractical, unrealistic, and unprofitable, making their work considered easy and the fees paid below the stand.

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