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Jeff O’Neal is a seasoned photography artist who is also a key member of THEUPPERMOST and THEUPPERMOTION (wedding photography and videography services) that had won many awards and accolades around the globe (Fearless Photographer Award, Wedding Photojournalist Association Award, Top 100 Wedding Photographer in The World and more). He was selected as a judge for international photography communities. He had shot more than 400 newlywed couples worldwide (Zanzibar - Tanzania, Nairobi - Kenya, Phuket - Thailand, and more), traveled to 5 continents (Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and America), is also the owner a sneaker company.

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Can you tell us about your background?

I am a passionate wedding photographers who loves dogs. I had a dream to be a veterinarian before. I never thought that I will be a wedding photographer. I love animals since my childhood, and always will. 
I was introduced to this amazing thing called analog film camera back in 2003 by my big brother. I am raised in a family who love arts. I love black and white photographs. It's bold and honest. 
I am a very simple ordinary man. I enjoy staying home watching ton of movies. I have travelled solo to some beautiful places in the world, and will do it more often. 
I am an artist from heart. Your big day is my big day too. I will be there and capture it with my personal touch. 
I love moment in beauty!

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Can you share with us about your artistic process flow?

All the love, joy, laughters of the bride and groom and everyone else shares on that one memorable day are amazing. Moments that a person should share to the world.

An extraordinary wedding photo is not all about the background, props, wardrobes or any other elements that could make everything looks so nice and pretty. For me, it is all about the moments and the story behind that photo. A person should feel all kind of feelings inside that photo when he/she sees it.

That’s my main goal, capturing your perfect moments.

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What made you decide to become an artist?

I got my first assignment to shoot a friend’s wedding and it touched my heart. Since that moment, I told myself that this is where I belongs.

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Professionally, what is your goal as an artist?

Seeing mind blowing images from world known wedding photographers makes me want to learn like there’s no tomorrow. Pushing my limit to the max in every wedding that I shot to get great images. The feeling when I go home after a wedding knowing that I got some “Fearless” shots is priceless.

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