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Artists Who Made An Imprint In Indonesian Artwork

If you are looking at Indonesia from the cultural heritage and artistic tradition point of view, you will find that the rich artwork is evolving to a more abstract and realistic expression. Therefore, at present, the artwork of Indonesia is a mixture of established talent and the novel trend depicting both the myths and reality. There is no dearth of authentic and famous artist from Indonesia.

Nyoman Masriadi


Title: I'm Still Lucky by Nyoman Masriadi (Photo: Google)

There is no denial that he is one of the acclaimed contemporary artists in Indonesia. Though his artistic artwork is different from the explorations of Balinese culture and lifestyle, the visual imagery of his contribution speaks of his keen observation encompassing the extant social life. His contribution towards painting also emanates from the superhuman personalities. Generally, these narratives incline towards the societal culture of contemporary and history. He is very adept in taking advantage of the cowboys, soldiers, or sports personnel in conveying his messages through imageries. You will find a substantial artwork of Nyoman Masriadi in the Paul Kasmin Gallery.

Eko Nugroho

Eko Nugroho Menjual Agama Membeli Janda 2013 Embroidery Tapestry Art SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: Menjual Agama Membeli Janda by Eko Nugroho (Photo: Arndt)

No doubt that Eko Nugroho is more inspired by the deteriorating societal values particularly of the younger generation. His artwork is the offshoot of financial crisis experienced by the Asian countries during the fag end of 20th century. He made use of different media such as painting, video projection, comics, and murals besides embroideries on a wider range in projecting the political commentary. Other contributions of the famous artist include the downhill of Suharto regime paving the way for a democratic nation.

Basuki Abdullah

basuki-abdullah-frightened-boy-buffalo-tiger-fight-oil-on-canvas-SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: Untitled by Basuki Abdullah (Photo: Google)

The Hague-trained artist Basuki Abdullah was teaching fine arts during a period when the nation was under the occupancy of Japan. The contest on the accession in the Netherlands of Queen Juliana brought him laurels as well as recognition at the international level. The famous realism artwork of Basuki Abdullah finds a place in the Indonesian National Gallery. The painter who took Roman Catholicism from the original Islam religion had a privilege of painting the portrait of President Suharto.

Agus Heru Setiawan

Agus Heru Setiawan Museum of the Dead Art Installation SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: The Museum of the Dead by Agus Heru Setiawan (Photo: IndoArtNow)

Notable among the emerging Indonesian artists is Agus Heru Setiawan who could prove his mettle in photography. The artistic fraternity applauded his motivating message to the humanity about an impending threat conveying through the photography of the plant. His exhibition of The Museum of the Dead evoked a significance of harmony for the co-existence of human being and a nature realizing the importance of both the species.

Andy Dewantoro

Andy Dewantoro Silence Waves Acrylic on Canvas Indonesian Artist SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: Silence Waves #2 by Andy Dewantoro (Photo: SinSinFineArt)


While Dewantoro was on an artistic residency in Europe, the paintings of William Turner and John Constable of 19th century motivated him to create his own style of artworks. His contribution in conveying the futuristic extinction of landscape by depicting the deserted dwellings and relinquished edifice of prayer, etc. is an example of how his abstract artwork found a breakthrough in establishing his own aura of artworks.

Angki Purbandono

Angki Purbandono The City Codes Digital Art Installation Indonesian Artist Art Gallery

Title: The City Codes by Andy Purbandono (Photo: Art Projects Asia)


Undeniably, the credit of creating artistic digital images with the use of a common flat-bed image scanner goes to Angki Purbandono. The combination of mini toys, which directly attribute to the ancient Indonesian culture, and the modern-day items such as noodles or old photographs were appealing not only to the artistic community but also to the population at large. With a view to bringing an impressive luster to the image, he used to opt for neon light-box after the images are printed on the quality paper. The uniform lighting with a limited depth on the field would allow the viewer to capture relevant details in depth.

Lee Man Fong

Lee Man Fong Goldfish Collection Oil Painting Famous Artist Indonesia SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: Goldfish by Lee Man Fong (Photo: Zeeuws)


The presidential painter Lee Man Fong has succeeded in matching the taste of Sukarno. Though a limited portion of his collections had a nationalist theme, he could prove “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” through his artwork. Though he is born in China, he moved to Indonesia for his living and held his exhibitions in Den Haag and Paris.


Affandi Painting-Barong dan Rangda-Famous Indonesian Artist-SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Title: Barong dan Rangda by Affandi (Photo: Senirupa Blog)

The Java-born artist was a son of a surveyor of sugar factory who discontinued his upper secondary schooling only to pursue his passion for painting. As a creator of the piece “Carrying the First Grandchild,” he could establish himself as one of the most popular expressionist painters. His unique skill was painting by squeezing the paint directly from the tube. This art, which he acquired accidentally, has become his signature mark to have more freedom of his own hand than the brush as other painters.

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