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Are You an Art Entrepreneur?

Creating an artwork is a talent and getting it recognized is a skill. If you are an artist, creating artistic work without many ideas about promoting your creativity, perhaps you are on the right page to know the marketing tips for artist. As a photographer, a painter, or a sculpture, certainly, you should feel proud of your hobby. At the same time, you can hone the skills of marketing the talent noticed in an appropriate network among the artists. If you have a passion for an art, it would drive you to be a professional in the relevant field.

Be Clear About the Goal

If you are working on the artwork only as a hobby, pose a question as to where you would like to see yourself after say five years. Depending upon the goal you aim at, you can concentrate on the lines to achieve the goal. The following tips might help you in taking you nearer to the goals.

  • Create a Blog

In this digital era, your own blog can push your exposure to the next level with hardly any marketing efforts. Having created a blog, you should be sincere and committed to posting the latest updates. If you feel that blog creation is meant for the professionals, or you do not have time to update the blogs on a regular basis, probably, you have decided to stay at the same place where you are. The blog extends you a wider scope for the artwork to be noticed for recognition.

  • Profiling at SENIIKU Creators Market

As an artist, you need to promote your branding to as many sources as possible. In other words, diversify your exposure to gain greater customer reach. Do you know that SENIIKU Art Creator Marketplace is a newly established art platform supporting a vast array of talented and emerging artist globally? The platform is aiming to provide fresh outlook, be a platform for artist exchange, and also, very passionate to grow artist community. The platform is welcoming all kinds of artists who want to sell online. (It does not matter whether you are an established artist, already selling online, or have joined other art platform). The more you spread your net, the better. 

One thing to note is that, there are other popular art platforms which have accommodated millions of artist (i.e. DeviantArt, Etsy), however it will be difficult for you to promote your works due to the crowds. Since SENIIKU is still growing, it's focused to support artist in digital exposure and finding potential customers.

As a start, you can visit this link to learn their offering - why should you join SENIIKU Market.

  • Presence at the Social Media Network

Do not undermine the importance of social media networking. It has potential professionals at Facebook or a similar media. Not everyone on the social media sites spends time for a gossip. With a view to attracting Facebook’s friends, you can add a bit of novelty to catch the attention of true professional to comment on your creative artistic work. It would be advantageous to post not only the impressive creations but also your sketches or artwork in the pipeline to make the fans curious about the outcome.

  • Guest Blogging

Do not jump to guest post on any blogger of someone. You can evaluate the potential audience of someone’s blog, which might match with the audience of your artwork. You can grab the opportunity of drawing more traffic to your website if you can judiciously select appropriate blogs for the guest posting. You will be the best judge to decide which blog is likely to be more beneficial for driving the audience to your line of artwork.

You can go that extra mile by offering some artist tips to promote art on the art tutorials with an appropriate link to your site. The budding artists taking a clue from your tips would be a potential driving force in widening the base for your artwork too.

  • Hone the Website

You must know that your website is to display your talents and skills in the relevant field. Therefore, you should optimize web images to facilitate the search engines to throw results on the top of a list when someone searches. You should be very choosy in selecting and finalizing the filenames, alternative text beside the images. You need not to hesitate in specifying variant attributes in the HTML image tap. The alternative attribute text would facilitate those visually impaired who cannot view the image. However, you should keep in mind that the text and caption should follow a natural flow.

The simple tip of renaming the file created by the digital camera would facilitate a viewer to have a better idea of the image.

  • Art Competitions

In fact, participating in any online competition has a double advantage. Not only, you showcase your talent and reach out to a wider artist community but also stand a chance to win in the competition. This throws open an opportunity to promote your art online and builds a network among the artists to channel the audience to reach your goal.

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