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Common space held a meaning of a space where everyone is at the same level. The spirit is carried in this year’s ARTJOG MMXIX: Contemporary Arts Festival As A Common Space, held in Jogja National Museum (JNM) from July 25 until August 25, 2019. 

Entering its 12th year, ARTJOG claimed that it’s now in a position where it’s known as Yogyakarta International Contemporary Art Festival. What’s unique is that this year’s theme will remain an umbrella, a main theme for the next two years until 2021.

Arts in Common will then be divided into sub-theme for the next three editions spanning three years, with sub-theme common|space for the first year.

A total of 39 domestic and abroad artists, both individual and group artists, participate in ARTJOG MMXIX. ARTJOG also presents Special Project that would involve five chosen interdisciplinary artists; Handiwirman Saputra, Riri Reza, Sunaryo, Teguh Ostenrik, and Piramida Gerilya, which is a collaborative project between Indieguerillas and Singgih S. Kartono.

This year, ARTJOG gives chance for young artists to be in the event through open call application, and the selected, under 35 young artists will then be awarded with Young Artist Award program. The program itself, ARTJOG said, seeks to develop the potential and insight of young artist, and also to open up their network and career path in art world. 

ARTJOG said that this year it cooperates with Dinas Kebudayaan Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Cultural Office of DIY), as well as the well-known Yayasan Museum Macan, a non profit organization focusing on Art and Education to present a residency grant for the chosen artist. The grant will be focused on supporting young artists to develop their career by doing research and artistic exploration abroad. 

Young Artist Award will have Fumio Nanjo, who’s the Director of the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, Aaron Seeto, Director of Macan Museum, Natasha Sidharta, Director of IndoArtNow, and curatorial team of ARTJOG MMXIX common|space as members of the jury.

ARTJOG has released the shortlist of the chosen nominees 2019 who includes Agung Prabowo, Agnes Christina, Andrita Orbamdi, Enka Komariah, Etza Meisyara, M. Lugas Silabus, Natasha Tontey, Patrick Hartono, Riono Tanggul Nusantara, Robet & Olga, Supattanawadee Muanta (Thailand), Tim Woodward (Australia), and Wiyoga Muhardanto.

In this common space theme, ARTJOG encourages public participation in it programming and presentation framework. Its Daily Performance Program is used as a space for various practices and interpretations of contemporary arts from different art medium with performers like Ayu Permatasari, Rully Shabara, and Rangga Dwi Apraiadnur. 

In order to further initiate public engagement, the exhibition also presents ARTJOG Educational Program that consists of Meet The Artist every Wednesday, Curatorial Tour every Tuesday and Friday, and LeksiKon, which serve as the meeting space for art public. 

LeksiKon, the new program for this year, is a public education presentation in a performative format that combines artists' lecture with workshop, allowing audiences a performing art and audiovisual spectacle of 10 chosen visual artists.

Collaborators for ARTJOG’s Merchandise Project are group artists like HONF Foundation, Afdruk 56 and RAR Edition.

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