Modern Folklores & Hidden Games For Young Kids, so Parents Can Relax Over Coffees

July 26, 2019

boy and girl coloring activity sheet popular goods from coffeegoodsid - SENIIKU

As a coffee lover and an art enthusiast, Martin loves visiting coffee shops, especially independent, specialty coffee corners that offer delectable taste coming from their unique blends of coffee beans. At times, he would scour the space to find unique things that intrigue his minds including interesting books/magazines to accompany him before his spouse and kids join in.

Some coffee shops do not welcome young kids

More often than not, he can only find outdated, ragged magazines or old news-paper. And some coffee shops do not welcome young kids as they can be noisy, run around making a ruckus. This has even become a growing trend in Korea to not allow kids to enter their business premises (read: ‘No kids zone’ – right not to be disturbed or excessive restriction?)

Ideas to keep kids leave their smart gadgets

Feeling that something is amiss he came up with an idea to start Coffee Goods & Books Indonesia (Instagram @coffeegoods.id)

Its main objective to provide food & beverage establishments (including coffee shops) with design goods that can attract customers (especially parents with kids or anyone who enjoys good books) to spend more quality time, hence encouraging the customer to come and stay.

The business curates aesthetic works from our partner designers and businesses, that are coffee-related and promoting local culture, for all lifestyle and ages. It also provides online goods and books for coffee lovers and cafe goers.

Indonesian Folklores with a modern twist

As their first installment of product releases, it comes with products inspired by Where’s Wally and numerous folklores from Indonesia, where you can find hidden games and mind-stimulating illustration (sold in different materials):

  • Indonesian Folklore Papermat
  • Indonesian Folklore Handkerchief (worn as pashmina/headcover)
  • Indonesian Folklore Poster
  • Indonesian Folklore Coffee Table Book (stay tuned for updates, follow our Instagram @coffeegoods.id)

Scroll down to check out CoffeeGoodsID’s first series of Indonesian folklores and coffee-inspired design goods and visit their online shop and social media at the bottom of this page.


anak-laki-laki-perempuan-mewarnai-poster-dari-coffeegoodsid-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(young kids enjoying their activity sheet from Coffee Goods ID)


children-enjoying-popular-coloring-book-at-a-coffee-shop-coffeegoodsid.jpg(young kids enjoying their cake and ice cream whilst coloring)

Sangkuriang-indonesian-folklore-only-on-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(sangkuriang - indonesian folklore series - activity sheet for coloring and games)

Bawang-Merah-Bawang-Putih-indonesian-folklore-series-coffeegoodsid-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(bawang merah bawang putih - indonesian folklore series - activity sheet for kids)

Malin-Kundang-Alas-Makan-Tradisional-CoffeeGoodsID-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(malin kundang - indonesian folklore series - selling in a pack)

dari-sabang-sampai-merauke-wonderful-indonesia-poster-coffeegoodsid-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(big poster A2 size about Indonesia to decorate your coffee shop or home)

Indonesian-Traditional-Handkerchief-Jilbab-Pashmina-CoffeeGoodsID-SENIIKU-Creator-Market(handkerchief or banana or headcover with Indonesian illustration)

Visit Coffee Goods & Books Indonesia

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