December 07, 2019

Did you just purchase a new home? Finding a home decor which you will love to equip your empty nest? Take a look at these 5 Modern Homeware from the Lion City, Singapore you will definitely love to have for your house interior and decoration!

Abstract Ceramic Mugs by Ummu Nabilah

Who says food and art do not mix? Catch these kitchen pieces that will make your meals even more enjoyable. These mugs come from Ummuramics. “They are based in Singapore and every piece is handmade by Ummu herself with as much love, soul, some sweat, cat dust and lots of fingerprints in each piece. Ummuramics was unintentionally created by an art student back in 2015 while studying ceramics. Ummu, the founder, could not get the 'conceptual' sculptural part of ceramics, however she did discover her love for making functional ware. Functional sculptural pieces? As long as it holds coffee!”

Source: https://bit.ly/35K5oxk

Papercut Art by Ashley Yeo

Like paper hasn’t done enough. Here’s another way to make use of paper- turn it into art! Encompassing drawings and art objects, Ashley Yeo’s practice stems from private thoughts and ontological questioning. She is currently interested in maintaining a relationship with nature. Her practice revolves around themes of lightness and slowness. All these factors translate through the beauty of her artworks that come from the simplicity of paper and art cuts. Absolutely perfect for your minimalist home!

Source: http://yeoashley.net

Clay Pots by Jeanette Adrienne Wee

That extra oomph that will brighten up every room. These clay pots are made by working with clay, texture and nature. Adrienne creates conversations through pottery. Being fluent in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, she began adapting North-asian art forms in her own works through her observations of these different cultures. Imagine experiencing different art styles from all over the world through a simple artwork.

Source: http://adrienneceramics.com

Decoupage Glass Jar by Alice Choo

Shoutout to those who love to turn the simplest things to something beautiful, you’ll definitely love this! For those who are not aware of Decoupage, it is the art of gluing colored paper cutouts to decorate an object and integrate it with other decorative components. Alice Choo discovered “how one can create beautiful crafts using simple materials such as wine bottles, plates, coasters, paper, ribbons, fabric and even cinnamon sticks”. She wants to encourage creativity, innovation and fun with crafts. Gifts and items are created with love and can be customised or personalised according to the customer’s preferences.


Macrame Decoratives by Joette

Dainty macrame decors, ropes and more! Knoette offers macrame pieces that are handmade therapeutic decoratives for your home. The founder Joette says that “she hopes to share macramè's natural beauty of it's raw nature, that exudes warmth and relaxation with people and their homes. She also aspires to share the craft with others who want to get in touch with their creative nature through fibre and who want to experience the therapeutic effects of it.” She creates her own designs but says that her best selling ones are usually the customized because let’s face it, what’s a better cherry on top a perfect decorative than personalization?

Source: https://www.knoette.com/

Jill Del Rosario

Philippines. Currently a Marketing Associate and Social Media Content Creator. Big fan of art in the forms of movie, fashion and music.


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