December 03, 2018

The Projector is one of Singapore's biggest independent cinemas. It has the tradition of showing interesting and off the beaten track films.

Story Credit: The Projector Singapore & The Peak Magazine

Ms Karen Tan, co-founder of Singapore'’s only independent arthouse cinema, took a look at the two shuttered halls and was smitten. “We didn’t have the time to find investors,” she says. “We thought, ‘Let’s find a cinema operator, maybe.’ Because we are not from that background. But we could not find anyone. So, we decided to do it ourselves,” she says. - The Peak Magazine.

The Projector revives two cinema halls and the 5th floor foyer of the historic Golden Theatre as an independent cinema and creative platform that brings together a great selection of films, one-of-a-kind events, versatile spaces and delectable fare.


The Green Room, The Projector (Photo: TheSmartLocal)

Golden Theatre was the biggest cinema in Singapore and Malaysia when it was completed in 1973 totaling over 1500 seats. Chong Gay Theatres Ltd built golden Theatre and Golden Mile Tower and the architect was Goh Hock Guan Design Team. Chong Gay Theatres Ltd also built the 2400-seater Kallang Cinema in 1978, the largest cinema in Southeast Asia when it was built, which was bought over by the government in the ‘80s as a new cultural venue called Kallang Theatre.

Video Credit: DELLAA

Update: Currently, the Projects is no longer in the red.

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