Kelly Lim, is a unique, inspiring Crochet Artist from Singapore. She is one of the amazing individuals who turn their passions into something amazing and unusual, yet mesmerising for the viewers / onlookers, both art enthusiasts and non altogether. She has proven that with passion, one can break through obstacles and through perseverance, one can achieve his / her dream.

Transcript from video:

Crochet is a traditional kind of craft that has been practiced for many years.

A crochet needle is something like a hook and we usually work with yarn.

The ball of yarn doesn’t look like anything but when you use a crochet needle, you can create something out of nothing.

Before I was a crochet artist, I was in fashion.

I study apparel design.

After that, I actually went into advertising, which is something totally different.

But the moment I went into advertising, I realised that I really want to do crochet.

It is like a language to me.

So I think in that language, I can create from very abstract ideas.

And my work has no life until I finish it.

I think that unexpected factor of my work has become like a center point.

And that’s what makes my work different because the soul of my work is like my soul.

When I was pursuing this passion of mine

My parents still didn’t see design and art as a suitable career path.

So even though there were many other obstacles, the biggest one of them all was definitely getting my family to understand that I want to take a route that is not normal.

And it took really, really long before my parents decided to accept it.

People remember me for my looks, like for my hair and that I am a crochet artist.

But I want to be remembered as somebody who fought for what she wanted because she believes so much in her dream.

 Video & Story Credit: Visit Singapore

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