Feature Geisha Goldfish Aki Narita 2015 Mural Artist Hotel in Japan SENIIKU Marketplace

Exploring the Instagram-Worthy Mural Art Scene in Asia

A walk down one of the quaint street with walls adorned with the creativity of top mural artists, we get transported to a world beyond. Our love for mural art is not something that modern civilization has bestowed us.

Mural Art down the years

It is one of the art forms since the Byzantine times back a few centuries. Slowly, this art form took shape in various other continents like Asia and Europe. In a few rustic old villages, the murals have been a traditional art form where the homes got walls painted from natural paints and all the pastoral designs came alive. In the past, the art of mural painting was taken very seriously and painters took to the streets and walls to depict their expressions of creativity to the next level.

Soon, rebellious-minded people across warring zones and countries torn by rife took to the same art form and painted graphically vocal images. These images were mostly political and anti-establishment in form. That is why in many countries, the government and police authorities took to banning it and calling the street wall painting as graphiti and identified it as an act of defiling the walls.

Europe has its own version of street art and it is not very difficult to come across. Few of these street arts have become iconic and are still a hot spot for Instagrammers, it is still banned by the local authority.

Today even, this art is very much there but in a different light altogether.

Mural Art beyond Geographical Boundaries

Mural art is an art form where painters or artists use the walls to depict their expressions via different paint media. Today, it has gained fame thanks to the social media platforms where people are sharing images of breath-taking art sweeping across streets, walls, roads, and more. Instagram is one such platform where mural artists from South Korea, Bali, Sri Lanka, and India are getting recognition.

Bruce Lee Mural Art Graffiti Artist Xeva Tank Lane Sheung Wan Hong Kong Art SENIIKU Marketplace

Title: Bruce Lee at Sheung Wan by Xeva (Photo: Home Journal HK)

It is common to see mural art in Asia in some far off districts or neighborhoods where the artists use the walls to paint and express their angst, their emotions, and most importantly their feelings. Using the walls as a big canvas, these artists have been vociferous enough to the authorities to put a ban on this art across busier city intersections.

This mural art has survived the brunt of time all through these years and it is for sure going to survive more to come. The lovers of art form have recognized the significance of this art and have found that how the artists have fused this art in a very unobtrusive manner across various corners of the world.

Where can we get Instagram-worthy Mural art in Asia?

Since we live in the Age of Instagram, we cannot ignore the fact that the mural art in Asia is getting a never-seen-before outlook and appreciation globally.

These art works are also getting appreciation since they are transforming otherwise dull brick and mortar walls to some giant artbook. Mythology, anime, fantasy and everything quirky find place here. Whether it is walking through the lone streets of Banaras in India, Shibuya in Japan, or through the Armenian street in Penang Malaysia, these artworks are drawing amazing reactions.

Mural art in Japan

    Artist Room Geisha  Goldfish Aki Narita 2015 Mural Art Hotel in Japan SENIIKU Marketplace

    Title: Artist Room Geisha Goldfish by Aki Narita (Photo: ParkHotelTokyo)


    Artist Room Zodiac Ryosuke Yasumoto 2014 Mural Art Hotel in Japan SENIIKU Marketplace

    Title: Artist Room Zodiac by Ryosuke Yasumoto (Photo: ParkHotelTokyo)

    Even the otherwise reclusive Japan mural artist now has taken his art online through several art platforms via social media. In Japan, while conforming to their otherwise strict laws, on one side, today they are also taking mural to a new level completely. The artists are now collaborating with several organizations to bring to light their artistry and in recreating mural in various sectors too. As a part of beautifying the country or sometimes as a part of a bigger community of artists waiting to reach out, the mural form has taken a new shape.

    Artist Room Festival Nanami Ishihara 2014 Mural Art Hotel in Japan SENIIKU Marketplace

    Title: Artist Room Festival by Nanami Ishihara (Photo: ParkHotelTokyo)

    KMCP#2 Yohei Takahashi Mural Art Garage Tokyo Project SENIIKU Marketplace
    Title: KMCP#2 by Yohei Takahashi (Photo: BnA Tokyo)

    Harajuku in Japan is now a destination you should not miss out if you are looking at or for some interesting mural art in Japan. From artistic creations to stunning sketches as a part of any campaign, you can get it all here. The reason why Japan stands out in its street art is because it is completely stark and does not try to soften its expression on any count.

    Edmonda Honda Street Fighter Largest Japanese Mural Case Maclaim SENIIKU MarketplaceTitle: Edmonda Honda by Case Maclaim (Photo: Spoon & Tamago)

    The artists have gone all out on detailing and in use of big and bright paints. The Tennozu Isle of Tokyo and beyond has become quite serious hubs for Instagrammers who love Japanese ideal of perfection even in art.

    Mural art in Singapore

    Singapore wall crawl Singapore Mural Art Travel in Singapore SENIIKU Marketplace
    Title: A Ride Through Race Course Road by Various Artist (Photo: thehoneycombers)

     Coffee Story Mural at 29 Sultan Gate Yip Yew Chong Mural Artist SENIIKU Marketplace

    Title: Coffee Story Mural at 29 Sultan Gate by Yip Yew Chong (Photo: SG Asia)

    A country with peppy young population is going to be a hotbed for some of the creativity on the flow too. So, grab on to your camera as you walk through Kampong Glam, or Little India, or Kerbau Road, it is hard to miss out on some of the vibrant work of art sprawled and dotting the walls. These art works are curious and full of works that display everything, which was or is an integral essence of that locality.

    Mural art in Malaysia

    Brother and Sister on a Swing Mural Georgetown Malaysia SENIIKU Marketplace
    Title: Brother and Sister on a Swing Mural in Georgetown Malaysia (Photo: Trover)

     Trishaw-Mural Art-Ernest-Zacharevic-Street-Art-in-Ipoh-Malaysia-SENIIKU Marketplace
    Title: Trishaw by Ernest Zacharevic, in Ipoh (Photo: kathmanduandbeyond)

    Kopi-Break-Malaysia Mural Art Ernest-Zacharevic-SENIIKU Marketplace
    Title: Coffee Break by Ernest Zacharevic, in Ipoh (Photo: kathmanduandbeyond)

    Malaysia has been a great spot for investors and holidaymakers alike. But not many realized that it has some of the most stupefying art work on streets. Artists from various countries like Argentina and Russia have come here to recreate some of their artistry on the street walls in Muntri Street and Penang Old Town. There are various iconic street works in Ipoh too that has been driving Instagrammers crazy.

    Mural art in Indonesia

      Money Kills WD Mural Art in Bali SENIIKU Marketplace

      Title: Money Kills by WD, Bali (Photo: lifo)

      Indonesia has so far been famous for its temples and archaic ruins of the years gone by. But this is where it chose to stun us, especially from a small village in Bali. Tourists often find themselves mesmerized by the mural art on display here in places like Canggu.

      Weird Child in a Mask Canggu Mural Art in Bali SENIIKU Marketplace

      Title: Canggu Mural Art in Bali (Photo: SailingStone Travel)

      Mural art has come a long way and today across Asia, it has become more outspoken and livelier than it was ever. Possibly that is why Instagram-happy tourists often find it irresistible to take a selfie against a brightly painted or quirky street art.

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