Over 50 Inspiring Women Getting the Recognition They Deserved in a Curated Illustration

Over 50 Inspiring Women Getting the Recognition They Deserved in a Curated Illustration

by Prisca Akhaya August 26, 2019

The book was put together by two university students who are best friends: Abigail Limuria and Grace Kadiman to shed a light on many Indonesian heroines that have gone unnoticed
Lim Pui Wan Miniature Artist Malaysia SENIIKU art marketplace

A Malaysian Artist Makes Tiny Everyday Things Based on Malaysian Culture

by SENIIKU Market February 15, 2019

Lim Pui Wan is a Kuala Lumpur based artist who creates breathtaking miniature art based on Malaysian culture. Her love of miniature art began when he was 14 years old ...
Strawpocalypse Von Wong Art Featured Image 1200x600 SENIIKU Art Marketplace

A Vietnamese Artist Used 168,000 Plastic Straws For Parting of Plastic Sea

by SENIIKU Market February 02, 2019

Vietnamese artist Von Wong's latest project, “The Parting of the Plastic Sea” was made from 168,000 used plastic straws ...

Indonesian-Edible-Eco-friendly-Cup-from-Seaweed-SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

Jakarta F&B Retailer Created This Edible, Eco-friendly Cup from Seaweed

by SENIIKU Market December 01, 2018

Indonesian made edible cups from seaweed and taste like jelly, in flavours from peppermint to green tea. They also make other containers ...


Sister May, Spent 40 Years Creating Handmade Mahjong Tiles in Hong Kong

by SENIIKU Market November 11, 2018

Sister May of Kam Fat Mahjong has been perfecting the art of creating handmade mahjong tiles for 40 years ...
Feature Geisha Goldfish Aki Narita 2015 Mural Artist Hotel in Japan SENIIKU Marketplace

Be Amazed & Explore These The Instagram-Worthy Mural Art Scenes in Asia

by SENIIKU Market August 09, 2018

Mural art has come a long way and today across Asia, it has become more outspoken and livelier than it was ever. Possibly that is why Instagram-happy tourists often find it irresistible ...

#MadeInIndonesia | Artists Who Made An Imprint In Indonesian Artwork - SENIIKU Market

Popular Indonesian Artists Who Made An Imprint In Indonesian Artwork

by SENIIKU Market July 26, 2018

The artwork of Indonesia is a mixture of established talent and the novel trend depicting both the myths and reality. There is no dearth of authentic and famous ...
Beautiful-Henna-Mehendi-Indian-Bridal-Weddin-Jeff-ONeal-Photography-SENIIKU Creator Marketplace

A Millennial Photographer, Jeff O'Neal on Pushing the Limit to Get Great Images

by SENIIKU Market June 16, 2018

All the love, joy, laughters of the bride and groom and everyone else shares on that one memorable day are amazing. Moments that a person should share to the world...

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