You Have To Follow These Home Decor Artists In The Philippines

If you catch yourself in the Philippines, you will definitely want to buy from these talented Home Decor Artists! Buying their pieces will give you the perfect souvenir from the beautiful country- one that you'll treasure for a lifetime!


Many Abesamis

 "I'm a potter, a paper cut artist, and I also design jewelry," crafter Mansy says securely when asked who she is and what she does—and yup, her work life now is pretty much set in that specific order. She has been part of the local crafts scene since 2011, and is behind brands like Hey Kessy crafts and Dandy Ona jewelry. Crafting wasn’t always the first choice for her, who says that it started with her undergraduate thesis on French poet Guillaume Apollinaire and everybody’s favorite craft material: washi tape. Online, she found this funny thing called washi tape that, at the time, wasn’t available here in the Philippines and was absurdly expensive to order from abroad. It was this realization that got her working with other creatives to make crafts by and for the Filipinos. That brush with washi tape in the early 2010s has led her to where she is now: on the constant drive to learn and create.



Femi Cachola

Femi shares, “I get a lot of ideas from the people I meet and the movies and documentaries I watch. I also get inspired by celebrities, toys, food and anything under the sun. I want to tell a story in every piece that I make. I always bring a notebook with me and doodle when the right moment strikes.” She also shares, “I like how their faces light up when they see the potheads and that makes me really happy. That is why I do what I do. I want my creations to evoke good vibes in their homes or place of work. I think most artists aspire for the same thing; to tug at heartstrings and imagine that a moment in someone’s life is a little better because of something they have made.”



Angel Anastacio

“I started my little business back in May 2014, starting with art accessories- pendants with my favorite paintings and graphic designs in them. I also dabbled in bohemian jewelry with semi-precious stones, wire-wrapped jewelry, and crochet jewelry. The interest in crochet led me to focus mainly on crochet, first just mandalas and coasters with embroidery thread, and then all things yarn! I've been addicted to yarn for a couple of months now and I make everything-- amigurumi plushies, play food, baby accessories, you name it! And I've been open to customizing what people want-- they message me requesting what they want, and I try my best to make it for them. The challenge of making new things is awesome!”


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