August 16, 2018

The Art Of Pursuing Art As A Career

Art is indisputably one of the most valued forms of recreation and entertainment, albeit artist has been an underrated profession since the beginning of time. Art is what makes a city famous, what boosts the tourism industry, what adds up to the prestige of the host city, yet pursuing art as a full-time career has always been a skeptical decision for an individual.

The Conundrum of Art Industry

Of late, the art industry has seen a surge in jobs and employment opportunities with new art fields emerging alongside the advent of new technology however, the progress, especially in Asia is not substantial. According to the art experts, this industry largely involving music, art, dance, theatre, painting, etc. are growing, however, the pace of growth is not in tandem with the requirement of art graduates emerging every year.

Nevertheless, art is surfacing as one successful career with more and more people enrolling in the creative arts career every year. Art is all about the talent of an artist. The better he knows to utilize his art the better is the value of his artwork. What put artists into dilemma are the long and uncalled for working hours, high work pressure, and inadequate remuneration. However, the field offers a glut of learning and growing opportunities every day.

Becoming a successful artist in Asia is likely for an individual, given the dynamic cultural landscape of the continent. Here is where the big question pops up, how to be a successful artist at the first place?

Do's of Art Career Development

Pursuing a career in arts is a challenging task, but with right strategies and mindset, it is not a far-fetched dream that cannot be turned into reality.

  • Using Internet: With the availability of Internet on the go, you can explore intricate techniques of your art and learn valuable details from your artist community. You can also share your work with the like-minded people to get some feedback and improve.
  • Seminars: Visiting various art seminars across the city is a good idea since you will make connections with other artists and pick up some new skills as well.
  • Work upon the weakness: When you want to hone your artistic skills, you need to devote more time and devotion towards your weak point in order to improve them, alongside devoting adequate time in developing your strengths further.
  • Variations: Art is largely about exploring. It cannot be bound within definitions. To become a successful artist, you need to explore all the dimensions of your art and be comfortable at every level. This will keep you in demand in the industry even though the requirements of the industry undergo a major shift. Practice is the key here.
  • Feedback from friends and family: Who knows you better than the people you spend your time with. These people, your immediate family and close friends, must have seen you develop your art from a hobby to a full-fledged profession. Who better than these people can approach for taking feedbacks? Ask them about the improvements they can easily identify and let them tell you what you are missing in your work so that you can improvise further.
  • Approach other artists: Now that you must have improved the standards of your artwork, you need professional critique. At this stage, you shall look for the people outside your circle, who are better than you in your art, and learn from their techniques. You shall also ask them about the methods to improvise your own techniques. As an artist, it is of utmost importance that you maintain cordial relationships with other artists of your field.
  • Constructive criticism: It might happen at times that you toil day and night to create your masterpiece however; it might not come out as something really appreciable to other people. In such situations, you need to take all the criticism constructively and keep yourself motivated to work further.

What Future Holds For Art Career

The arts industry definitely beholds a bright future. With tourism industry on a roll and technologies developing by leaps and bounds, this industry is destined to grow at unprecedented rates, especially in populous continents like Asia. As an artist, you can always expand your horizons, learn, and grow in better ways. When you are an artist, you may never know who you may stumble upon in the next big event or which eminent personality may like your artwork and buy it for a good price. Therefore, it is always recommended to stay in touch with your field and with the people of your field in order to ensure a bright future.


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