Read this article and guides to understand what you need to prepare and steps to take regarding packaging, delivering and shipping your product to your buyer, after you receive a purchase order/online sale.

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A. Singapore Courier Services 

Which delivery service is the cheapest in Singapore?

Here are some courier services with its cheapest prices* (in SGD) you can find in Singapore. For local delivery within Singapore (especially door-to-door services), you may use one of them.

Credit Source: "Courier Services Singapore (2019) – Which Delivery Service Is Cheapest?" - click to read more on their labelling features, pros/cons, and more.

 Courier service Small parcel delivery Bulky item delivery
Park N Parcel $3.00 -
SingPost $3.35 -
Qxpress $4.50 -
Yojee $7.00 -
TaQbin $8.00 -
UParcel $9.00 -
Lalamove $14.00 $36.00
Gogovan $16.00 $35.00
Fast Fast Delivery $17.00 $20.00
Grab Express $19.00 -
GetVan - $28.00 

*Note that these fees were recorded as at beginning of 2019. Please be advised to check with each service for their latest rates. 

B. Indonesia Courier Services 

What are the popular delivery services in Indonesia?

One of the most popular local courier companies is Tiki, which offers a range of services, covering domestic and international destinations.

Tiki's head office at Jl. Raden Saleh Raya No. 2 in Jakarta and can be reached on (62-21) 314 0404.

Also popular is JNE (Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir), which has its head office at Jl. Tomang Raya No. 45 in West Jakarta and can be reached on (62-21) 566 5262.

Other companies include Pandu Logistics (021 461 6007), Wahana (021 713 55152), RPX (0-800-1-888-900), ESL Express (021 759 10023), POS Indonesia (161), J&T Express (021 8066 1888) and SICEPAT (021 5020 0050)

International couriers operating in Indonesia include DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT.

For some of them, you can also request for collection services and do booking online.

Credit Source: livinginindonesia.info


C. Indonesia Real-Time Rate Calculator

Click on this link to open up Indonesia Real-Time Rate Calculator, developed by pluginongkoskirim.com

(see screenshot how you can find suitable rates for your delivery)


D. Artwork Packaging Guidelines

D1. Importance of Proper Packaging

Note that your artwork may have to pass through a number of different centers, hands that handle your parcel/package roughly and poorly, as well as climate conditions (especially for international shipments). It is important that you follow the information in this guideline to ascertain that your artwork is packaged professionally and reaches the buyer/collector’s hands in perfect condition..

We cannot stress enough that inadequate packaging will damage your artworks i.e. abrasion of the artwork surface due to inadequate wrapping and padding. Loose artwork inside the packaging will get damaged (especially the corners of your artwork) due to the friction and improper handling during the pick-up, transport, shipping, and delivery. Pressure from the weights of other articles on top of your artwork (while being in transit), can potentially break your artwork.

It is necessary to prepare and do the correct type of packaging to protect your artwork. Make your outer packaging sturdy, your inner packaging with sufficient buffering materials, include waterproof layering when necessary, more protection for the corners, enough wrappings/padding

D2. Artwork Packaging Guideline

Click here to download Artwork Packaging Guidelines.

We suggest you use this as a guideline. You are also free to engage professional services to do the packaging and pick up.


    E. Worldwide Shipping

    Here are some popular fine art shipping companies in Asia that have proven track records in handling, shipping, storing and managing fine art products, take a look at these lists below! Some of these do manage international shipping from various countries too (not only Singapore)



    (Photo credit: CampaignAsia)

    Agility's Fairs & Events business is one of the world’s leading exhibition forwarding specialists, handling more than 6,500 trade fairs, exhibitions, and events each year (This includes handling Art Stage in Singapore, Art Basel in Switzerland and Henry Butcher Art Auction in Malaysia). Also includes some of the biggest and most highly attended events in the business. 

    Agility employs 400 specialist employees in 37 countries to handle events and exhibitions on the ground. Agility Fairs & Events also taps into Agility’s global network of 100+ countries.

    • Expert handling of fragile, valuable pieces moving to parks, hotels, museums, galleries and private collections.
    • Project management, installation, climate-controlled warehousing, air ride transport, packing and crating.
    • Security for priceless works of art, as well as insurance and temporary import/export clearance.

    Visit their website: https://www.agility.com/en/homepage/

    Crown Fine Art


    (Photo credit: logistic middle east)

    Crown Fine Art provides dedicated logistics services to museums, institutions, galleries, auction houses, and private collectors. Coordinating touring exhibitions, transporting individual works or whole collections, while always providing the highest standards of care – transporting art safely around the world.

    From Crown-owned operations in most of the world's major art centers, we are able to offer expert assistance, as well as the care and commitment required to handle the world’s most precious objects.

    At the heart of Crown Fine Art are specialists with a dedication and passion for the fine art business – everyone involved has the skills and experience to ensure the safety of the art in their care.

    Visit their website: https://www.crownfineart.com/

    Fine Art Logistics


    (Photo credit: Widewalls.ch)

    Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre is located in LE FREEPORT Singapore, the world’s maximum-security vault for art, gold and valuables.

    Antiques, fine art, watches, jewellery, precious metals, wine, cigars, carpets or confidential documents, Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre manages each item with discretion and proficiency.

    The group has been present in the packing, shipping and storage industry since 1859. We provide you high quality ‘made in Switzerland’ services for works of art.

    Visit the website -  https://www.falnlc.sg


    Lotus Fine Arts Logistics


    (Photo credit: Lotus Fine Art)

    Lotus Fine Art specializes in the preparation, handling, transport, storage, and installation of fine art.

    Lotus Fine Arts specializes in the preparation, handling, transport, storage, and installation of fine art. We serve the rapidly developing China and Southeast Asia art markets, from bases in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Lotus brings together the combined strength, knowledge and expertise of the hasenkamp and Asian Tigers groups. For decades, Germany based hasenkamp has become synonymous with fine art handling; while Asian Tigers is a long established premier mobility expert with offices throughout Southeast Asia and Mainland China.

    Lotus employs the latest available materials and techniques to safely and securely prepare fine art for local, regional or international transportation.  We maintain a fleet of clean, modern trucks; many of which are air-ride and climate-controlled.  Lotus professionals also handle the paperwork, approvals, coordination and administrative requirements on your behalf.

    Visit their website: http://lotus-art.com/



    (Photo credit : Helu Trans)

    At Helu-Trans, they provide a comprehensive range of art handling services and solutions. Their services ensure that that your artworks are well taken care of during handling, packing and transit. With years of experience, we have the means to employ the most suitable and secure handling methods for your artworks.

    With our fine art storage services, you can now store your inventory and arrange a private viewing with potential clients at your convenience, managed by our professional art handlers. 

    With over 300,000 sqft of climate-controlled art storage, we are one of Asia’s leading art logistics company. Our other key features include:

    • Fire and smoke detection
    • Video surveillance
    • 24-hour security monitoring
    • Inventory management

    Visit their website: http://www.helutrans.com/


    An important note is, please be advised that international shipments might include duties and taxes, customs and clearance fees. These fees may be imposed at the country of destination, payable by you to the courier company. Failure to make payment might result in shipment delays, that might cause return of artworks and further costs to you.


    ( UPDATED 13 AUGUST 2019 )


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