Instagrammable Home Decoratives From Hong Kong That Are Good For Your Soul

Don't you just love decorating your home? Finding pieces that fit your taste and placing them in your own little Instagrammable corner. Lucky for you we found homemade artists that will not only help you spice up your home but also be good for your soul.


Ocean Decoratives

It would be hard not to hear the sound of waves when you see these artworks in your home. These were made by Amelia Sidwell. She is a coastal person; born and raised in New Zealand; she has been brought up with the beauty of the sea . The sights and sounds, the colours of the ocean and the beach infuse her art. After starting scuba diving, Amelia has found her element discovering the underwater world, bringing feelings of wonder back to the surface, and quite literally pouring them into her creations. Now she is based in Hong Kong where she hopes through her artwork she can remind people of the beauty of the ocean and encourage more people to be aware of how we can protect it and its inhabitants.



Color Block Ceramics

Modern, classy and with a twist! These pieces are the perfect addition to your humble abode. With a splash of their bold colors, it is absolutely calming and pleasing to the eyes of many. The creator of these ceramics is Marianne Chan. She says, “I first started it as a hobby 2 years ago and learned it at a weekend workshop. It is always something that I want to explore as I love food and always visit ceramics stores when I travel. Making ceramics can slow down my mind and it’s almost meditative during the whole process which is a big contrast compared to my previous hectic job as a fashion stylist.”



Macrame Knots

make do hongkong macrame art style seniiku market

If you're into pastel and dainty spaces, these Macrame knots are perfect for you! Imagine smiling in awe as you come across these pretty pieces of art on your walls. 

Make & Do HK is a creative platform set up by two sisters; Becky Gilmour whose background is in Textiles & Fashion and Lucy Gilmour whose specialism is in Crafts & Embroidery. "We want to start a movement, build a strong creative community, bring together like-minded individuals and inspire fellow designer-makers who want to create a brighter, happier & beautiful world!”

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