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De-Mystifying A Struggling Artist

Any unknown artist regardless of his being a dancer, a photographer, a painter or a novelist, etc. has something in common. One major common misconception is a self-imposed mindset, which does not allow them to grow in the ladder of their passion. No doubt, you need to hone your innate talent and skills to reach the pinnacle of the artwork while thriving for success. You can flip through some of the dogmatic views, which inhibit in fulfilling their goals.

Money is not Everything

Though it is true that not everything revolves around the money, however, it is also true that the famous artist failure is earning enough finance to make a living. In the pursuit of focusing on the targets, you need not compromise on earning money. You should remember that Shakespeare or Norman Rockwell and other literary artists were also rich besides Picasso or Elvis Presley, etc. There is violable to be rich while pursuing the artistic profession of your choice.

Talent does not need training

You might come across many artists claiming that they are born-talented. No doubt, the brilliant artwork would have earned them recognition. It does not mean that they are beyond the training level. Unless you hone your skills in various branches of art, your inborn talent may not find an opportunity for exposure. One of the major struggling artist mistakes includes that he does not need any training for recognizable professionalism. In fact, the brilliant inborn talent coupled with proper training can leave a long-lasting imprint in the respective field and could be a role model for the budding artists.

Age no bar / Age does not matter

You too might have come across some artists have an opinion that the ambition of recognition or earning money should be for the younger artists. They might also hold the myth that the old age is a restriction for achieving such goals. However, do you remember that Bertschmann at the age of 86 felt the need for “making money? He could fulfill his desire for a graphic designer creating logos and other advertisements for the reputed brands.

You might hold your principle as a priority but need not compromise in pursuing your goals. You can emulate Mark Rothko, Franz Kline or Robert Motherwell in showcasing your talent and be an artist to reckon within the relevant field. You need not be a salesman for promoting your artwork. Your efforts in overcoming fear of failure can be combined with a right mix of principles enabling you in achieving your goal.

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