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The term “art” today are varied that there’ exact playbook to follow. It mostly involves things made by hand, with the main intent to inspire and collect. It's everything that has people to muse over it or to wear it.

Take that and throw business in the mix. 

When it comes to the art business, just like art itself, there are no boundaries. As long as it's got audiences, then you are in the business of art.

When you choose to go all in with your art and make a living out of it, the challenge lies in meeting the right audiences that will be your tribe and essentially, your product's champion. The only way to sell your art is to know there's demand for it.


What's your art marketing plan?

In today's art world, technology does make it easier to sell art online with hosts of dedicated platform and e-commerce for handmade works. Leveraging on these platforms, plus social media is the modern day art marketing plan.

A recent study by Google and Temasek showed that Southeast Asia is now home to 350 million internet users across its six largest countries, which brings us to focus on this market that is wide open with possibilities. Combining a vast number of people who are connected with the world through internet and what art today has taken form, becoming a part of practical necessities, Southeast Asia is where artists should have an eye for.

If you're an artist selling art online, devise your art marketing plan for Southeast Asia through these starting points:

A process, step by step video

There's nothing more engaging than video, considering how every popular platform out there has made a significant shift into providing video content. This is something an artist should leverage, either by creating a stop-motion process of certain crafts as a soothing entertainment or a step-by-step and how-to video that never fails to capture intrigued audiences via Instagram or YouTube. The old belief that sharing your behind-the-scenes crafts can backfire is no longer relevant in the age of social media. The more you share, the bigger your audience may get, as well as your potential customers.

A marketplace

Opening up an online store and put up your portfolio are basically two peas in a pod. Joining a marketplace allows you to focus on creating instead of campaigning, since a marketplace has accumulated its audiences and will boost your store to the searching audiences. E-commerce, both local and international, can be the easiest option out there, while dedicated art and crafts platform can request a more detailed info but definitely a group of more focussed audiences. If you're looking to maintain exclusivity of your artwork, though, joining an art marketplace would be a fit choice. More art-literate community to help you network is important, especially if you aim for a regional sales in Southeast Asia.

Influencers endorsement

The people of the internet are generally divided when it comes to the effectiveness of influencers. An article by Forbes detailed why using influencers becomes something that everyone with an online business should be accustomed to.

The article stated that with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube become increasingly popular, consumers are free to choose over the content they wish to view, which makes it challenging for marketers to reach them as they become more skeptic with the regular advertisement. With influencer marketing, marketers can locate and advertise directly to their target audience. 

As an artist, leveraging on the audiences of a certain influencer whose followers are akin to art can be a quicker lane to increase awareness of your artwork. Influencers like fellow artists who openly support other burgeoning artists, fashion people that appreciate crafts, and others, can be your choices, depending on your products.

An online art community

Aside from the network of artists, you can encounter on the marketplace, art community on social media where they have a weekly or daily newsletter, artist features, and shoutouts, should be your go-to platform. Raising awareness in an organic way is something you should consider if you just started out.

A curated online store

It’s not a common medium, but once you got picked up, it will be a good portfolio to have. What we’re talking about is a type of Instagram online setup that only sells limited edition goodies, an independent store. It’s easy to find on Instagram as it usually looks more like a mood board than a shop, with an artistic shoot and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. 

If you come across any, slid into its DM to check out if you can send your product sample. It’s even better if it’s based in neighboring countries as you can have a regional presence doing so. 


Marketing in art can be a tricky business.

From determining your price to select the correct medium to market, there are tons of homework for the artists to do. If your art is your livelihood, then you should make it a part of your daily business run to do independent art marketing, starting from these five simple ways to get your art out.


Photo by Samuel Castro on Unsplash

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