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Explore the wide range of visual art galleries with the Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery Guide!

Singapore is filled with many galleries showcasing a diverse variety of art: from key art districts like Gillman Barracks and Bras Basah to quaint neighborhoods in the heartlands of Tiong Bahru and Jalan Besar.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or simply looking for a fun day gallery-hopping, use this guide to help you on your journey as ART TAKES OVER!

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You can download the guide by clicking here or the images below.

SAW Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery Guide Cover - SENIIKU Art Market Asia

SAW Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery List 1 - SENIIKU Art Market Asia

SAW Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery List 2 - SENIIKU Art Market Asia


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