If you are looking for a unity in diversity in the artifact field, Singapore is one of the places you should reckon with. You have a choice of broad-spectrum artwork spaces, and some of the must visit museums and galleries in Singapore are as follows.

A. Must Visit Museums in Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore Majestic Building in Singapore Photo by SENIIKU Artist Community
National Museum of Singapore (Photo:

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum that Singapore has. It was first opened in 1887 as Raffles Library and Museum. It seeks to inspire with stories of Singapore and the world. Due to its characteristics, it was also known as Singapore History Museum.

It has taken a new shape after its refurbishment as the largest museum of the island. Of the two galleries within, the first one represents the history of the country from the 14th century till today. The main gallery is a classical structure which keeps you busy for more than half a day with film footage with an audio explanation. The photography, food, fashion clothes besides the Wayang sections keep you spellbound with jam-packed visitors.

You can block from 10 am to 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday and on Friday, the timing is extended by two more hours at 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897.

NUS Museum

NUS Museum Singapore by Yelp Art Destination in Asia SENIIKU Artist Community
NUS Museum Singapore (Photo: yelp)

If you yearn for a location for teaching and research in art NUS Museum situated at 50 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119279 is the appropriate place. You can gain a rich knowledge of Asian regional art and culture from the 8000 artworks.

The place is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. The Sunday is a holiday while only the Faculty and School visits are allowed on Monday.

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore photo by klook Art Destionation in Singapore SENIIKU Artist Community
National Gallery Singapore (Photo:

The multiple Singapore Tourism awards the recipient in 2016 is the National Gallery, which has been restored by two iconic buildings of City Hall and the former Supreme Court. This is an institution over-viewing the visual arts and collection of modern arts. You can view a unique heritage of Southeast Asia.

The Gallery opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday and on Friday you have two more extended hours of a visit.

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Singapore Art Museum Photo by Wikipedia Art Destination in Asia SENIIKU Creators Online Space
Singapore Art Museum (Photo: wikipedia)

If your interest is in the international modern art practices with a special focus on Singapore and also Southeast Asia, you can visit the Singapore Art Museum. It has been drawing huge visitors from 1996 who evince interest in the contemporary art museum. You can attend the exhibition cum educational programs and workshops on diversified art trends.

You can visit the Museum at 71 Bras Basah Road at the same visiting hours of the National Gallery.

SAM at 8Q 

8Q SAM Contemporary video and photography installations Photo by okGuide SENIIKU Creators Space to sell art online
Singapore Art Museum (SAM) at QQ (Photo: okoguide)

As an extension to the Singapore Art Museum, the film screenings and other Moving Image Gallery is housed here. The four-story conversation building is a place for six contemporary art galleries. You can take advantage of the guided activities for exploring new ideas on artworks.

The extension of the Singapore Art Museum also has the same timings of a visit like the National Gallery Singapore.

Red Dot Design Museum

red dot design museum at night art destination singapore photo by SENIIKU Market
Red Dot Design Museum at Night (Photo:

The venue offers an opportunity for you to learn from 300+ design works and objects visited by the world-renowned design experts. The core jury finalizes the awards in the respective categories of Product Design, Communication Design and also the Design Concept based on the innovative design quality.

A visit to the museum at Marina Bay adds more than educating yourself on the relevant subject. During the visiting hours from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Thursday and till 11 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can look for the carefully curated globally acclaimed design objects.

ArtScience Museum

Art Science Museum at Night Get Your Art Fix in Singapore Photo by Hotel Indigo SENIIKU Market
Art Science Museum at Night (Photo: hotelindigo)

The lotus-inspired building is an iconic landmark for those who desire to explore the combination of art, science, culture, and technology. The place has witnessed large-scale exhibitions in the sprawling space of 5000 sqm. The museum is the recipient of the certificate of excellence during 2015 and also 2017.

You can mark your weekdays from Monday to Thursdays from 10 pm 4 pm for an awesome experience of the museum.

MINT Museum of Toys

Mint-Museum-of-Toys-Vintage Destination Singapore photo by aspen holiday SENIIKU Market
MINT Museum of Toys Interior (Photo: aspenholidays)

If your interest is in the toys section, there is no better place than to visit the Museum of Toys at 26 Seah Street. You can have an eye feast of globally acclaimed vintage toys at the venue. This throws an opportunity to view 8000+ items on display collected from over 40 countries dating back from the mid 19th century till late 20th century. You will enjoy the thematic levels of Outer-space, Characters, Childhood favorites and Collectables.

There is no doubt that the collection ignites the innovative imaginary skills of the artist visitors during the regular visiting hours of 9.30 am to 6.30 from Monday to Sunday.

Singapore Philatelic Museum

singapore philathelic museum best place for stamps photo by colesjustsaying blog SENIIKU Market
Singapore Philatelic Museum (Photo: colesjustsaying blog)

The best place to view the treasure of the philatelic materials of Singapore, including the archival philatelic stamps of all the members of the Universal Postal Union is the Singapore Philatelic Museum. With a view to promoting the national history and cultural heritage, the museum also promotes the educational use of the relevant material.

You can plan a visit from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday at 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore-179807.

The Peranakan Museum 

Peranakan Museum Singapore Explore Peranakan History Photo by Fom SENIIKU Market
Singapore Peranakan Museum (Photo:

Your desire for learning more about the Peranakan culture and other earlier Straits Settlements in Malacca and Penang of Southeast Asia could be fulfilled with the visit to the venue. The four levels of the gallery depict more about the Peranakan wedding and other ceremonies besides the art and beadwork of Nonyas. One level of the gallery has an exclusive display of nonya porcelain collection and other food and feastings.

The museum situated at 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941 has the timings between 10 pm to 7 pm on all days except Fridays, where you have two more additional hours to enjoy the collections.

Asian Civilisations Museum

asian-civilisations-museum-singapore-asia-travel-art-destination-photo by todayonline-SENIIKU Market
Asian Civilisations Museum (Photo: todayonline)

You can have a bird’s eye view of the ancestral culture of Singaporeans besides the artistic heritage of Asian countries at the Asian Civilisations Museum. The building which is along the Singapore River throws light on the historical connections of the country with the Asian continent which in turn establishes the connection with the world heritage. The exhibitions organized in the venue have a display of magnificent objects across the globe.

You can plan a visit any time between 10 am and 7 pm on any day with an additional two hours at the closing time on Fridays.


B. Must Visit Art Galleries & Spaces in Singapore

While you are in Singapore, the art lovers have no dearth for the Art Galleries either. Some of the significant galleries include:

KULT Gallery

kult gallery art gallery in singapore photo by kult online SENIIKU Market
KULT Gallery (Photo: kultonline)

Kult Gallery is a home for the creative expression inclined towards the sculptures and less-known cultures of the country. The gallery has been the host for exhibitions and art galleries besides other installations in addition to the worldwide collaborations. You can grab the opportunity of connecting with the artists and other reputed platforms which will be a launching pad for recognition of your artwork. No doubt, this is the best online gallery to sell art of your creative artifacts.

You can easily reach C2-5 Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228 120, which is nearer to the Little India MRT station.

ARTSPACE @ Helutrans 

ArtSpace Helutrans Art Gallery Singapore Photo by Helutrans SENIIKU Market
ARTSPACE@Helutrans (Photo: helutrans)

Situated in the Central Business District of Singapore, the artspace@helutrans is the most sought-after venue for the artwork lovers for their exhibitions, auctions and fashion shows. You can also take the opportunity to launch your products from the venue.

The sole membership with the ICEFAT besides being the privileged ARTIM membership will benefit you in grabbing the innovative ideas and procedures and other standards of the art field.

SENIIKU Art Creators Marketplace (

Sample of Artist Gallery on Desktop (Photo:

There is no exaggeration that the SENIIKU Market is one of the launching pads for the budding artists for showcasing the artworks, paintings and other online drawings. You can also be a part of the collaboration with the emerging creators in spreading kindness through an impressive art.

SENIIKU Market aims to promote artists, art communities as well as art projects in Asia, especially Southeast Asia.

The gallery provides free registration for artists & online gallery
If you are a creator (artist), you can click here - Getting Started with SENIIKU Market


Gillman Barracks

gillman-barracks-collective-art-galleries-singapore-photo-by-strait-times-SENIIKU Market
Gillman Barracks Singapore (Photo: straittimes)

The vision of the Gillman Barracks can be visualized with the presentation of international art with a special focus on Southeast Asian art. In pursuit of the mission of the organization, it has spread its wings in the outreach programs such as:

  • ARNDT, German Gallery
  • CHAN+HORI Gallery
  • FOST Gallery
  • MIZUMA Gallery
  • OTA Fine Arts Gallery
  • Pearl Lam Galleries
  • ShangArt Gallery
  • Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery
  • Sundaram Tagore Gallery
  • Yavuz Gallery
  • YEO Workshop Gallery

Besides aiming to stimulate the talent among the budding artists, CHAN + HORI has also aligned with the special projects like the DISINI.

Similarly, the OTA fine arts gallery is supported by the Economic Development Board of Singapore and the National Arts Council.

Gajah Gallery

Gajah Gallery Art Gallery in Singapore Photo by SENIIKU Market
Gajah Gallery Contemporary Art (Photo:

The gallery has been in the field since 1996 to tap the emerging talent in contemporary art.

Gajah Gallery explores the diverse concerns of contemporary Southeast Asia through art from the region. Established in 1996, Gajah Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of cutting-edge Southeast Asian Contemporary Art with a particular emphasis on the Indonesian Contemporary.

They exclusively represent leading Indonesian Contemporary Artist, Nyoman Masriadi, Yunizar and the JENDELA group (Jumaldi Alfi, Handiwirman Saputra, Rudi Mantofani, Yusra Martunus, Yunizar).

With growing interest in the recent years, Indonesian contemporary art has seen a marked increase in international collectors. Exhibitions are held regularly at the gallery including collaborations with the Singapore Art Museum and the National University of Singapore Museum.


AC43 Gallery

AC43 Galleries People looking at painting on the wall Photo by AC43 SENIIKU Market

AC43 Gallery (Photo: AC43 Gallery Facebook / Google Photo)

AC43 is an art space dedicated to the showcasing of Singapore's visual talents, as well as foreign artists in search of a platform for creative collaboration. We aim to present a dynamic yet affordable range of art by both established and emerging artists that spans varying styles and mediums. 

The gallery is also committed to the growth of the Singapore art ecosystem through the nurturing of local artists and efforts of increasing art literacy among the general public, Singaporeans and expats living in Singapore alike. Through our demonstration of a sustainable business model, we hope to support artists in their creative endeavours and encourage aspiring artistic individuals to take the leap of faith.


ART Seasons

art_seasons_singapore_art_gallery_destination_Photo_by_sgasiacity_SENIIKU Market

ART Seasons Gallery (Photo: sgasiacity)

Art Seasons was founded in September 2001 by Terry Lee, an ardent art fan and collector. With its initial mission in mind: to explore and to promote contemporary Chinese and Asian art, the gallery has represented talented Asian artists for more than ten years. Now, Art Seasons has gained a reputation as an important gallery in contemporary Asian art, with particular emphasis on contemporary Chinese pieces.


ART Xchange

Art_Xchange_Gallery_singapore_photo_by_arthop_Art_destination_asia_SENIIKU Market
ART XChange Gallery (Photo: arthop)

You can expect diversity modern and contemporary art at this gallery from the artists from all parts of Indonesia. It provides a platform to exchange creative regional art with international artists. This gallery was first founded in 2009 in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Artcommune Gallery

Art Commune Gallery Singapore Photo by SG Asia City SENIIKU Market
Artcommune Gallery Singapore (Photo: sgasiacity)

It is a home for the modern visual art of the pioneers of the nation and the second-generation painters of different styles.

In addition to the above, you can also visit the Gallery Huue, Intersections, Visionars Gallery, ION Art Gallery, and NPE Art Residency and Gallery to name a few to learn about art influences, selling arts and more.

It is always exciting to know that there are more and more appreciation for arts in Singapore. The fact there are more and more gallery shows that art preservation and appreciation are important.


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