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Singapore - The Land Of Art!

Singapore is aptly known for its exotic holiday destinations and picturesque beaches. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for the travelers from around the world. However, the country is a lot more than the sum of its innumerable tourist attractions.

Singapore is incessantly growing, developing, and reinventing itself, hence opening doors for the people fuelled with passion. It is recreating itself as a destination for artists, from multifarious fields. It is where explorers, wanderers, travelers, musicians, dancers, dramatists, foodies, bloggers, action seekers, culture shapers, and socializers gather and share their experiences. It is where these artists pick up new skills from others in their fields and hone their arts better. There is something for every art enthusiast in the country. It is indeed a spot of Cultural Extravaganza!

Art in Singapore

Highlights from Tropical Traumas: A Series of Cinematographic Choreographies from dlsb on Vimeo.


The country is ever changing and bustling, and so are the variegated art festivals organized in the country. The art events in Singapore are an unprecedented and one of their kind visual treats to the eyes. These fests will definitely satiate your thirst for quality art. If you are into arts, a visit to Singapore is the must. You would not want to miss upon the marvelous art happenings in Singapore.

Art Events in Singapore

The popular art culture of Singapore is undoubtedly accredited to the art exhibitions in Singapore that take place frequently throughout the year. Some art festivals that deserve a special mention are listed below:

  • Singapore Night Festival

Singapore Night Festival Art Projected On The Wall SENIIKU Online Art Gallery and MarketSingapore Night Festival at Singapore National Museum (Photo: HelperChoice)

If you celebrate in the night, Singapore Night Festival is just the place for you. The festival is organized across two weekends in the month of August. The Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore come alive and become outstandingly vivid in the fest. The major attractions of the fest are its ravishing aerial performances and unparalleled light shows. The most astonishing part of the festival is that some of its segments are free of cost. You can plan to head to the road of Bras Bagah and witness the place transform into something mind-blowing right in front of your eyes.

  • Singapore Biennale

Singapore Biennale Art in Singapore Deng-Guoyuan_Noah’s-Garden-Photo of Singapore Art MuseumTitle: Noah's Garden by Deng-Guoyuan (Photo: Singapore Art Museum)

Singapore Biennale has already made its distinctive mark in the art industry. It is one of the major contemporary art events of our times. The festival, which is organized in every two years by Singapore Art Museum is peculiarly theme-based. Each year, a different theme is chosen and displayed artwork keep up with the theme. The festival is known to highlight some thought-provoking artworks from the artists around the globe and the fest is received with high regards from the art community.

  • Singapore Art Week

Htein-Lin-Monument-to-My-Mother-Art Exhibition Singapore Art Week SENIIKU Online Art Gallery and MarketTitle: Monument to My Mother by Htein Lin (Photo: MyArtGuides)

This festival pays an ode to the visual arts and displays a glut of exhibitions and highlights. It is generally organized in the month of January every year. The plush festival proudly hosts some artsy affairs like walking tours, film screenings, gallery openings, etc. and offers a tinge of almost every art hotspot from around the globe ranging from Chinatown to Marina Bay.

  • Art Stage Singapore

Art Galleries in Asia Joining Art Stage Singapore SENIIKU Online Art Gallery and MarketArt Stage in Singapore (Photo: loeildelaphotograhie)

This is must visit segment for the artists in Asia who are passionate about their art. Competently regarded as the flagship art fair of South-East Asia, the segment features an amalgam of handpicked galleries from the region and bold contemporary art. It is the stage where artists gain recognition for their work and get to meet other pioneers in their field. The event is more like a gathering of artists, collectors, and curators who meet to share their common interests.

  • Singapore International Festival of Arts

SIFA-BLUE-PROJECT-Singapore International Art Festival SENIIKU Online Art Gallery and Market

Title: SIFA-BLUE-PROJECT- (Photo: vtvch)

This one is for the art and film enthusiast, which resides in a corner of your soul. Explore your creative self in the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) where theatre, music, and dance steal the show and your heart at the same time. You can expect a dazzling line up of programmes and productions in SIFA that will satisfy the art enthusiast in you. The festival director, Ong Keng Sen is known for throwing surprises every year so you can expect to have a good time when you attend SIFA.

With so much happening across the country throughout the year, the artist in you needs to explore the country and learn some valuable aspects of art that can be learnt at no other place but Singapore. Go ahead and EXPLORE!


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