The pandemic, caused by COVID-19 has disrupted many areas of our life. Many people are in dire situation due to the lost of jobs, closure of business, inability to feed themselves and their family - especially those who are disabled, sick, elderly.

If you are blessed with more, able to still earn a living, having abundance of food supplies and have the capacity to provide for others, we kindly ask of you to donate to the less fortunate.

We have searched the internet and compiled some of the organizations and their campaigns that you can donate to. These organizations have been vetted by their local authority so, you can be sure that your monies are being channeled to good use.



These organizations are listed under IPC (Institute of a Public Character) and approved by Commissioner of Charities.

To qualify as an IPC, the charity must be dedicated to serving the needs of the community in Singapore as a whole and not confined to sectional interests or groups based on race, belief or religion.

 Organization Campaign Name Objective
The Community Foundation of Singapore Sayang Sayang Fund Support for frontline healthcare workers with transportation vouchers during COVID-19
Food From The Heart Various Campaigns Support our 44,600 beneficiaries in need of food security (with the help of 10,000 volunteers, food industry partners and your donations)
Community Chest The Courage Fund Support and provide relief to vulnerable individuals and families, including healthcare workers, frontline workers and volunteers, affected by the COVID-19 situation
The Food Bank Singapore Feed The City Support the local F&B businesses and those who are in need that are badly hit a fighting chance of surviving COVID-19 (around 200,000 beneficiaries.)
Home Nursing Foundation Various Campaigns Deliver comprehensive care programmes that are dedicated to our patients especially the elderly and disabled
AMKFSC Community Services Various Campaigns Support services such as student care centres, senior service, specialised services for youth and young persons, and community mental health and wellness programmes. This will assist more than 9,000 healthcare staff.
Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics  Migrant Worker COVID-19 Fund Help migrant workers cope with the disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak and to allocate resources for shelter, financial and legal assistance and more.
YMCA of Singapore Eat for Good x Project Makan YMCA is partnering with The Social Kitchen to provide free meals for needy children and their families affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
Beyond Social Services Beyond's COVID-19 Family Assistance Fund Support low-income family whose household incomes wiped out from sudden job loss, others are grappling with drastic income reductions.
Singapore Red Cross Pledge a Meal to Nurses and Care Staff By caring to 100 physically and intellectually disabled residents safe during this COVID-19 period, our nurses and care staff have not been able to leave the premises.


Also, should you prefer not to donate monies, you can donate in-kind supplies:



How does one know whether such charity organization is trustworthy? At least, they should have a certificate and permit number from the Ministry of Social Affairs. One should also own a PUB Permit (Collection of Money and Goods) from the Ministry of Social Affairs for the general category and the category of natural disasters. 

Below is some organizations who have received such permit and provide transparency on their websites.

 Organization Campaign Name Objective
Palang Merah Indonesia Bersama Cegah COVID-19

Education program, training for early detection, support for Red Cross partners, supplying PPE (APD), emergency services, etc.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap Bersama Lawan Corona Provide food, vitamins, and also PPE or Personal Protection Equipment such as hazmat clothing, N95 masks, surgical masks, surgical cap and helmet face shield.
Dompet Dhuafa Ayo Bersama Lawan Corona Provide PPE, Disinfecting Equipment, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washing Soap, Vitamins, Ambulance Services, Daily Necessities, Corona Virus Prevention Education.
MNC Peduli Bersama MNC Lawan Corona PPE for the medical team, medical devices for positive patients and 9-basic necessities for millions of people who lost their jobs and without income.

Indonesia Lawan Corona

Dukung Pekerja Kreatif

Donation to provide tools for health workers, test kits to hospitals, as well as food assistance and safety kits for vulnerable people.

Donation to support creative workers, local craftsmen, art teachers with working capital, employment (especially those affected by COVID-19) Various Campaigns Help funding for patients and healthcare professionals during COVID-19
Benih Baik Donasi Masker Ramah Lingkungan Donate an environmentally friendly mask with Dian Sastrowardoyo
Yayasan Budha Tzu Chi Various campaigns The organization has been around since 1993 helping out the unfortunate, those affected by natural disasters, and other humanity efforts, and tremendous efforts during Corona pandemic.


Also, should you prefer not to donate monies, you can donate in-kind supplies:

  • (donate masks and hand sanitizers)
  • #BersamaLawanCorona (google sheet showing the needs for medical equipments, tools, health devices, masks, sanitizers, and more to treat COVID-19 patients, organized by

If you know any more charity organization we should include in our list, or if you are interested to contribute and be listed here, please leave a comment below or contact us.


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Many creative workers, local craftsmen and art teachers are affected by COVID-19 where they lost their jobs, had their service agreements terminated, or had their income drastically decreased.

There is still a lot of stigma about the art-related profession and the general view of artistic endeavors as impractical, unrealistic, and unprofitable, making their work considered easy and the fees paid below the stand.

p.s: is an online crowdfunding platform for social and personal medical causes. Since 2013, Kitabisa facilitates over $40 million donations from millions. Kitabisa is also governed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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